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Over the years PRATHA.ORG has initiated, launched and organised campaigns to amplify the voice of children and their rights. These campaigns have focused on specific issues - from influencing child-friendly policies, to rehabilitation efforts in disaster and natural calamities, to creating awareness on the situation of children. Our campaigns have always involved the public, our citizens. Your support is crucial to bring about social change in the lives of children and their communities.

Healthy Start

Healthy Start campaign called for support to help . PRATHA.ORG and its grassroots partners continue its efforts with communities and government workers to ensure 30,513 babies under the age of 1 year received access to all lifesaving vaccines.

Mission Education

PRATHA.ORG launched the year-long target driven online fundraising campaign Mission Education towards the issues that keep children out of school, like migration, lack of access to schools and girl child discrimination. We enrolled 4,60,000 children in schools and ensured their right to a happy and creative childhood.

Uttarakhand Floods

In the aftermath of the torrential rains in Uttarakhand in June 2013 thousands of people were stranded and hundreds of children were left traumatised. PRATHA.ORG along with its partner NGO's in Uttarakhand worked relentlessly to provide a safe haven for children.


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