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SaiKripa: In 1988, SAIKRIPA was like a baby lost in the woods – because nobody took Anjina and her brainchild SAIKRIPA seriously, but slowly people started joining hands with SAIKRIPA and a strong bond was formed.


On 27th February 1990 BAL KUTIR formally opened its doors to children at F-44, Sector-20. It started with one child but now has 43 39children who are as happy and intelligent as any child who has his own family. Apart from this, 11 Eleven children have taken up jobs and are living independently,3 three girls have been married off and more than 75 40 children have been restored to their families with the co-operation of the police and the public.

BAL KUTIR was set up not only to provide shelter and the basic needs of children, but also Home to provide them with love and affection. It strives to give these children emotional as well as physical security. Co-curricular activities are taught to the children through classes in music, dance, and other arts on a regular basis.

During vacations, educational and recreational tours are organized for the children, wherein they have already
visited Corbett National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Bhakra Nangal Dam, Vaishno Devi, Shirdi, Bhopal, Mathura Brindavan, Aurangabad, Ajmer, Jaipur, Haridwar and Rishikesh

Though no particular religion is thrust upon the children, they are brought up to be believers in God and are also taught the values of life.

As in any family these children are also brought up continue to stay at home till they grow into responsible independent individuals. Once they take up jobs and are confident of supporting themselves, they step out into the world with equal pride and confidence as children from any other family. They cherish their upbringing and do not find themselves lacking in any aspect while interacting with others.

Sponsoring Full Day Meal To Vineyard Children’s home: home:

The children are accommodated in two large rented apartments. There are forty children sheltered here. The children are always under the steady supervision of a couple and 6 women.The Vineyard Home Ministry was founded in the month of July 1999 in Noida, a suburb town of Delhi, India. The founder of this noble institution is Pastor Varghese Thomas. He is supported in this humble mission by his wife Mrs. Valsamma Varghese. The aim of this institution is to give shelter to the abandoned and neglected children of the slum areas of Delhi.

Pastor Varghese owns the responsibility for the administrative work in the Vineyard Home. He also shoulders the responsibility for the "Mission to the Unreached". His main goal is to reach out for the people who reside in the slum areas.

In the earlier stage there were thirty eight children who were brought to the orphanage from different parts of the city and varied backgrounds. In June 2010, two new children joined the Vineyard family. The brother-sister were living a comfortable life with their family in Orissa, when their parents met with an accident and died on the spot. They were brought to the orphanage by their uncle where they were given love and affection .

Here the children are provided with the required school fees, healthy nutritious food and also evening tuition classes.

There is a distinct difference between street children and orphans. The street children are lodged with their own families. Individuals who have a heart to do their part for the society can do by just donating $15/ Rs 600per month. This money is solely used to uplift the street children and for their welfare.

The orphans are provided boarding and lodging in the Vineyard home. You can sponsor a child for a sum of $25 per month. You are not only doing good, but are also ensuring that the child is given food, shelter and education and also turning a pitiable life into a much valued and respected life.

We ensure that you will receive every detail of the respective child that you are sponsoring for: the history of the child, birth-date and photograph. Moreover you will be constantly remembered in the humble prayers of the child. Every cent of your donations will be truly utilized for the up-bringing of the child. Your presence is truly welcomed to the Vineyard home.

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