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Aims Objectives

  • To create a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, love and affection amongst the resident of the association
  • To work for the welfare of member's of the samiti and other occupants.
  • Represent the member of the samiti with the government authorities the DDA,  MCD, DVB, MTNL, postal authorities Delhi Reliance Delhi Government and Govt. of India Department etc and such other concerned authorities for the solution of Civics/ Social problems on members of the association.
  • To provide necessary essential civic' amenities with the help of concerned authorities
  • To maintain properly the park, Garden, Roads, drainage system and all other common areas etc. and provide necessary employees/casual Labors etc, for the same.
  • To arrange Provision of electricity for the colony and also to arrange street lighting and further maintenance.
  • To arrange single point electricity supply system through DVR and to ensure recovery of electricity bills from the members.
  • To organize social and cultural. Program, sport games  activities for the members of the samiti and their family member when possible.

  • To make correspondence in lawful manner to arrange meeting ,conference , seminars with the concerned Govt. Authorities for the solution of social problems of members of the association

  • To procure publish issue and  circulate gratuitously and report or periodicals pamphlets literatures or other documents relating to society .

  • To raise funds through grants donation, subscription, loan etc. for fulfilment of aims and objects of the society
  • To manage, sell transfer pledge, dispose of or deal with moveable and immoveable properties of the society keepingin view of the society.
  • To perform all such acts as may br necessary for the achievment and accompolishment of the above aims and object and allied social activities and services.


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