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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is Pratha Foundation?

Pratha Foundation was established in the year 2012-2013.

2. Why was Pratha established?

The realization of a group of young corporate professionals, that it was their Social Responsibility to give back to the society, laid the inception of Pratha.

3. So what is so unique or different about Pratha Foundation? How is it different from the other NGOs working for children?

Unlike other development organizations, we work on the unique model of Social Venture Philanthropy. Through this model, we handhold, train and capacitate genuine local grass roots initiatives across the country. Thus, despite having the same amount of resources, we reach out to more number of beneficiaries compared to many other NGOs.

4. What is the nature of your organization?

Pratha Foundation is a non-profitable organization. We work towards the implementation of welfare initiatives for the underprivileged community.

5. What are the causes that Pratha Foundation works towards?

We mainly address the causes of education & health of underprivileged children through Mission Education, healthcare of people living in urban slums and rural villages through our Pratha on Wheels programme, livelihood of the marginalized youth through our Pratha Twin e-Learning Programme and girl child & women empowerment through our programme.

6. Why do you stress on education, when there are other equally pressing issues in the country?

Education alone is the power that can redeem the poor from their poverty – not only in terms of earning a livelihood but also becoming aware of the rights and freedoms that a citizen is endowed with, thus empowering individuals and becoming self-dependant beyond doubt.

7. Being such a young development organization, how have you been able to benefit so many people already?

Pratha Foundation works on the model of Social Venture Philanthropy, where it partners with emerging and committed organizations for welfare projects across the country. Pratha tries to build their capacity, trains them to gradually sustain and scale up their activities so that they become capable of reaching out to and benefiting the maximum number of deprived yet deserving people.

8. You have a programme for privileged children. What do you do for them?

The Child for Child programme of Pratha Foundation sensitizes privileged children of the existing disparities in the social order and motivates them to contribute their individual mite towards the cause of the less privileged. It brings together affluent and deprived children to foster in the affluent children a sense of responsibility towards their less privileged counterparts.

9. Why do you work for these well children?

Pratha believes that children are the change makers and it is crucial to “Catch them young” and inculcate in them the compassion and conscience to act responsibly. Our rationale of working for privileged children is driven by the idea that once these children realize the worth of the privileges that they are born with they are humbled and are automatically turned towards positivity. This eventually helps them develop into not only superior but successful personalities in life, who are also individual actors of change.

10. How do I ensure that whatever I donate will be used correctly?

The entire management process of Pratha Foundation is evaluated by a 4 tier audit system – programme and project audit, internal and process audit, statutory audit and external audit, which ensure the correct utilization of funds.

11. Can I donate old clothes, computers, books, food supplies, etc.?
We appreciate your inclination to support the deprived in all the possible ways. However, at Pratha Foundation we accept anything which will be use full for the children.

12. Do you get any financial support from the Government?

Pratha Foundation does not take any financial support from the Government. However, all the initiatives of Pratha compliment the government’s efforts.

13. What curriculum do you follow in your educational programmes?

Our educational programme – Mission Education, for underprivileged children, follows the curriculum of the respective state board where the project is present and operational.

14. How can I get associated with Pratha Foundation?

In our journey so far, we have received immense support from numerous individuals, various corporates, development agencies, educational institutions. You can associate with us in any of these above mentioned ways.

15. Do you give special support to exceptional cases?

There are many childrens effected by critical diseas care taking by Pratha Foundation’s Special Support Programme. We take up individual cases based on their immediate needs. These individuals are then given educational support, support for their health and specific cases are even taken for rehabilitation.


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