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Success Stories

Details Of The Resolved Cases

1. Ramanpreet :- Ramanpreet was a diabetic melletus patient, and was so much impacted that her body parts had started ruining. She requires a daily therapy to overcome the problem, but here family was not in a state to bear the expences. Pratha Foundation took this initiative and now Ramanpreet got discharged and with the help of people from different states and with God grace Ramanpreet is fine.

2. Yug :- Master Yug was suffering from heart problem and needs to under go heart surgery . Pratha Foundation is glad that Pratha is able to give Master Yug a new life. Yug is fine and doing well.

3 Tarun :- Tarun was a patient who has undergone spine surgery due to which he was not able to breath properly, for which he requires O2(Oxygen) concentration machine. Pratha Foundation provided the patient with this machine so that he can get discharged and the bed can be used for other patients.

4 Shahnaj :- Baby Shahnaj was suffering from kidney stone and was getting treated in urology department. She needs to undergo surgery which Pratha Foundation supported by providing financial assistance.

5 Shreya :- Baby Shreya was suffering from heart problem – TOF (Tetralogy Of Fallot) and needs to undergo heart surgery. Various donors came forward to support the life of baby Shreya and Shreya was successfully operated and discharged in May’13.

6 Arun :- Arun kumar was getting treated in ENT department and was suffering from B/L carjleitsmy + (L) canolplorly +martard, and requires a surgery Gold wit implantation (L) upper cyelid. Pratha Foundation provided all the required help to Arun to recover from this illness.


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