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Our Team

Pratha Executive Leadership (pro bono) has traditionally comprised successful professionals in diverse fields like medicine, education, engineering, management and business with experience studying and working in different parts of India and the world. Pratha success has been built on the tireless efforts of this diverse and accomplished set of leaders who have turned Pratha into a showcase not-for-profit with both a deep rooted tradition of service and an efficient operational structure. Today, because of their commitment, expertise and connections, Pratha has the best of all worlds with:
  • A unique "Total Development Model" comprising Education, Health and Community Development (the "Development Trifecta")
  • Efficient operations with very low overhead (only 10%)
  • partnerships with global foundations, educational institutions and corporations around the world
  • A network of expert volunteer advisors and operational partners
  • The ability to sustain
Here is a visual glance at the educational qualifications and professional experience of the Key Executives who have built Pratha, laid out its vision over the years, led it to success and in the process, integrated their skills, connections, wisdom and commitment to public service into the fabric of the organization.


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