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Nirmal Jyoti Trust

Many kids in the world have no access to quality education.NSS strive to make a change in the lives of those kids by bringing the light of knowledge in their tender heart. They need your help to get rid of this unfortunate situation. Imagine yourself in their shoes, born to poor parents who cannot even afford one time meal, grow up in street/slums where dirtiness and ignorance co-exist, was abused and ignored by the society. Those children who are forced to work to feed family lose their smiles and innocence at a tender age. It is our responsibility to bring back the smiles on their faces, regain the innocence that is lost to the insensitive adult world. It is not their fault that they are born into a poor family to ignorant parents.

We identify children having financial issues, children having abusive parents, school drop outs etc to get them admitted in good private schools, thus to mould them to be the future citizens by transforming their lives .Education is the light in the dark of ignorance.

We live in a world where the gap between the haves and have not’s are widening day by day. Millions in the world live in perennial ignorance due to lack of education and get exploited, especially kids. They end up as criminals, anti social elements etc. It is our collective responsibility to heal the wounds of those less privileged humans who are not fortunate enough to lead a descent life.

It is the duty of every responsible person to give back to society. A sensitive and caring society must contribute generously to reduce the suffering of humanity and a giving culture is an example of a mature and caring society.


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